How to Embrace Flexibility & Manage a Distributed Team

August 30, 2018 Matt Bunston

What does it take to support clients and staff located all around the world?

Cloud accounting technology enables a great degree of flexibility for accounting firms, allowing them to operate remotely and serve clients regardless of location. However, managing a global practice is easier said than done.

Meryl Johnston, CEO of Bean Ninjas, has been able to embrace flexibility and experience massive success. Bean Ninjas’ team of 12 staff are distributed across the globe. Since their launch in 2015, Bean Ninjas’ flexible approach to practice management has enabled them to scale to serve over 100 clients located all around the world.

Watch our webinar with Meryl where we discuss how to increase your firm’s flexibility, and more!

You will learn:

  • The benefits of increasing your firm’s flexibility with cloud accounting technology
  • How to overcome common obstacles associated with hiring remotely & managing a distributed team
  • How to choose cloud accounting apps that will help to better serve a global client base 


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Matt is the Australian Country Manager at <a href="">Hubdoc</a>. He is a graduate of the University of British Columbia where he majored in History. He’s obsessed with music and sports – he believes it’s a healthy obsession.

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