How I Learned Cloud Bookkeeping

December 13, 2017 Geoffrey Gualano

Find out how we built our tech stack, optimized our workflow, and learned how to be cloud bookkeepers!

At Hubdoc, we like to learn by doing… which is why we do our own bookkeeping! We believe that the only way to truly understand our customers is to put ourselves in their shoes. It's a tradition that was started by our co-CEO, Jamie McDonald, and that has since been handed down to our Head of Product, Dan Shiner. Now, it's my turn, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Geoffrey Gualano.

In this webinar, I discuss how we documented our bookkeeping workflow, built our tech stack, and learned how to leverage cloud accounting technologies like HubdocFujitsu ScanSnapXeroExpensify, and to:

  • Automate financial document collection
  • Simplify reconciliation
  • Expedite expense reporting and payment processing

I may not have years of bookkeeping experience, but I'm a cloud technology enthusiast. If you have any questions or want to chat about cloud technology, get in touch on Twitter!

Resources mentioned in the webinar:

Try Hubdoc in your own bookkeeping workflows! Book a personalized demo here.

About the Author

Geoffrey Gualano

Geoffrey Gualano is the Director of Marketing at Hubdoc. He has a passion for customers and bringing products to market. An ex-musician and aspiring chef, he spends his free time cooking and listening to music. <a href="">Follow his cloud bookkeeping journey in 'How I Learned Cloud Bookkeeping'!</a>

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