How to Successfully Build & Implement a Fixed Fee Pricing Plan at Your Practice

November 22, 2017 Matt Bunston

Hourly billing is a thing of the past – it's time to implement a fixed fee pricing plan at your firm.

You understand the benefits of moving to a fixed fee pricing model, but you also know that making the transition from hourly billing to fixed pricing can be a complex process. Where should you start? How should you bundle and price your services? What’s your plan of action?

In this webinar, Practice Ignition’s Trent McLaren and Hubdoc’s Matt Bunston outline the steps you need to prepare, build, and implement a fixed fee pricing model.

You will learn:

  • The cloud accounting/bookkeeping business model
  • How to bundle recurring and nonrecurring services
  • How to determine a time/cost baseline for each service + pricing
  • How to have the "value" conversation with clients
  • How you can increase profitability with fixed fees

Get the slides here and watch the recording above!

About the Author

Matt Bunston

Matt is the Australian Country Manager at <a href="">Hubdoc</a>. He is a graduate of the University of British Columbia where he majored in History. He’s obsessed with music and sports – he believes it’s a healthy obsession.

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