Hubdoc Pro Tips with Kelvin Gieck & Twyla Verhelst: How to Use Hubdoc to Collect Clean Client Data & Provide Better Financial Advice

In this session, Hubdoc's Victoria Hoffman chatted with Kelvin Gieck & Twyla Verhelst, Co-Founders of Twenty Eighty and Helm. Kelvin and Twyla provided their expert insight into:

  • How to use Hubdoc’s automated connections and upload tools to collect accurate data from small business clients
  • How to onboard staff and clients for better data verification and coding of source documents in Hubdoc
  • How a clean data set in your cloud accounting software enables real-time, high integrity business advice

During the webinar, we provided some additional resources – please find them below!

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Geoffrey Gualano

Geoffrey Gualano is the Director of Marketing at Hubdoc. He has a passion for customers and bringing products to market. An ex-musician and aspiring chef, he spends his free time cooking and listening to music. <a href="">Follow his cloud bookkeeping journey in 'How I Learned Cloud Bookkeeping'!</a>

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