How to Demystify Your Clients' Numbers with Hubdoc & Float

August 27, 2018 Geoffrey Gualano

You likely already understand the value of cloud accounting technology when it comes to automating manual tasks and efficiently completing compliance work. However, perhaps you’re still figuring out which tools will help you provide more impactful advisory services and solidify your role as a valuable partner to your small business clients.

Apps such as Hubdoc (a bookkeeping automation solution) and Float (a cash flow forecasting tool) can help advisors get the information they need, faster, and provide their clients with a better picture of how their business is tracking.

In this on-demand webinar, we provide a deep dive look at how Hubdoc and Float can help demystify your clients’ numbers.

You will learn:

  • How to automate document collection and data entry with Hubdoc
  • How to manage cash flow forecasting with Float
  • How to strengthen client relationships, demystify their numbers, and position yourself as a valuable business advisor 


About the Author

Geoffrey Gualano

Geoffrey Gualano is the Director of Marketing at Hubdoc. He has a passion for customers and bringing products to market. An ex-musician and aspiring chef, he spends his free time cooking and listening to music. <a href="">Follow his cloud bookkeeping journey in 'How I Learned Cloud Bookkeeping'!</a>

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