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Hubdoc supports a direct integration with Xero, QuickBooks Online, and Our free online courses provide a comprehensive overview of how to use Hubdoc with each platform.

View all of our courses below and select your preferred course to enrol for free.

Courses for Xero Partners

Xero partners can learn how to set up and use Hubdoc with three Hubdoc courses on Xero Central.

Use the Hubdoc Partner Portal: Learn the features and benefits of using Hubdoc in your practice. Add and manage client accounts, and add practice staff and assign them to work on client accounts. View course

Set Up Hubdoc: Set up your Hubdoc organization before you start working with documents and posting to Xero. Integrate to Xero and cloud storage platforms, post transactions with attachments, and add another layer of backup for important documents. View course.

Get the Most Out Of Hubdoc: Use Hubdoc to upload, manage, and publish documents. You’ll learn about data extraction in Hubdoc, how to edit and configure documents, and publish them to Xero and cloud storage platforms. View course.

Courses for QuickBooks Online Partners

Hubdoc-Advanced Partner Certification: Become a Hubdoc pro – learn how to use Hubdoc’s main features and the Hubdoc mobile app. View course.

Hubdoc-QuickBooks Online Certification: Learn how to automate document collection and data entry, and achieve one-click reconciliation with Hubdoc and QuickBooks Online. View course.

Hubdoc-QuickBooks Online Sales Tax Certification: Do you need to account for taxes paid? Learn how to use our tax calculator to track taxes paid when coding and posting documents to QuickBooks Online. View course.

Course for users Guru Certification: Learn how to automate your bill pay workflow using Hubdoc and View course.

What’s next? Set up your Hubdoc account – learn how to update your company name, Hubdoc email, connect to integrations, and more.

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Overview: Put your free Partner organization into practice
Overview: Put your free Partner organization into practice

Welcome to Hubdoc! Start here for an overview of how to get the most out of your free Hubdoc Partner account.

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Set up your Hubdoc organization
Set up your Hubdoc organization

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