Sync your documents and data to connected integrations

Hubdoc has direct integrations with Xero and Quickbooks Online, for payment processing, and cloud storage platforms Google Drive, SmartVault, Dropbox, ShareFile, and Box.

Connecting your Hubdoc account to one of our integrations allows you to sync your documents and their data to the right place in your accounting workflow. 

Xero & QuickBooks Online

By integrating directly into Xero or QuickBooks Online, Hubdoc turns your receipts, bills, and invoices into accurately coded transactions with the key data entered and source documents attached.

Get to know how your preferred integration works by connecting your firm’s Hubdoc account with your Xero Partner account or Quickbooks Online Accountant account. Follow the resources below to learn more about getting started with each integration:


1.  Xero Central article: Connect or disconnect Hubdoc and Xero
2. Xero Central article: Publish Hubdoc documents to Xero

QuickBooks Online

Please note: Hubdoc does not integrate with QuickBooks Desktop.

Automate your bill payment and approval process using Hubdoc’s integration with Bills that are fetched or uploaded in Hubdoc can be sent to with key data extracted and source documents attached, ready for payment before being entered in your accounting software.

Connect to your firm’s account to practice using the integration. Follow the resources below for more information:

1. Online training course: Guru Certification
2. Xero Central article: Connect Hubdoc to

3. Demo video: How to use Hubdoc & together

Please note: is only available in the United States.

Cloud storage platforms

Hubdoc automatically securely stores all documents; however, connecting to a cloud storage platform will enable additional backup. In addition, our cloud storage integrations allow you to share specific documents with people who do not have access to your Hubdoc account. Follow the resources below to learn how to sync documents to your preferred cloud storage platform:

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