Add clients to your Hubdoc practice

Now that you’ve learned the basics and tried out some of Hubdoc’s features, you’re ready to add clients. Using the skills you’ve learned so far, you’ll be able to set up their accounts, upload and fetch their documents, and sync them to integrated platforms. Read below to learn what to consider when adding clients to your Partner account.

Choose how you’ll pay for the new account

By default, when you add your first client on Hubdoc, you’ll be asked to enter your own billing information so that you can pay for your client's Hubdoc account. There are many benefits of paying for your clients' accounts on their behalf – find some below:

  • One monthly invoice from Hubdoc – no need to keep track of multiple client subscription dates
  • One fee from you – no need for your client to receive multiple invoices for your services
  • Volume-based wholesale pricing
​Click to view wholesale pricing for AustraliaUnited KingdomUSA, and Canada
New pricing effective November 1, 2020

If you’d prefer to have your client pay for their own Hubdoc account, please ask your client to pay for their own account and then add you as a collaborator.

Email options for creating your first client account

When you create a Hubdoc account for a client, Hubdoc automatically sends them an invitation email with a link. Your client needs to click the link to confirm their email address and open up their new account.  

If you’d prefer to create your client’s account without Hubdoc notifying them directly, you can assign them an email at your firm such as ‘’ or use an email alias. Once you’ve created their account, you can provide them with the login information.

Please note: The email address associated with the Hubdoc account will receive email notifications from Hubdoc. If you do not want your client to receive email notifications, consider using an email alias to create their account.

Create the client Hubdoc account

Only the primary account holder for your firm’s Hubdoc account will be able to add clients to your firm. Follow the steps below to add your first client to Hubdoc:

1. On the Organizations page, click Add a Client Account.
2. If you’re adding a client for the first time, you’ll be asked to enter your billing information. Once your credit card details have been saved, you won’t need to enter them again.
3. Enter the email address you'd like to use for your client's Hubdoc account.
4. The address you’ve entered will receive an invitation email. If you have access to that inbox yourself, click the link to confirm and open up the new account. If not, ask the person who does have access to do so.

Please note: If your client has an existing Hubdoc account associated with their email, they can add you as a collaborator to give you access.

What’s next? Our Partner guide provides helpful tips and resources for accountants and bookkeepers who are ready to start bringing clients on to Hubdoc – learn more here!

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