Accounting Leaders Share Their 2019 New Year’s Resolutions

January 4, 2019 Morgan Bailey

Accounting Leaders Share Their 2019 New Year’s Resolutions

Welcome to 2019!

2018 was an exciting year in the accounting and bookkeeping space. New developments in cloud accounting technology enabled firms to accomplish some pretty impressive feats, including increased workflow efficiencyimpressive growth, and specializing in a niche (to name just a few!).

As a traditional season for goal setting, the start of a new year can be a great time to think about the changes you want to implement at your own firm. However, for many practices, preparations for tax season can cause goal setting to get lost in the shuffle.

To motivate you to set goals for your practice and keep you inspired for 2019, we asked a few leaders in the accounting and bookkeeping space to share their New Year’s resolutions for their practice. Read on to see what they’re focusing on improving in 2019!

Improving expectation setting

Michael Levy, CEO and Co-Founder, Bean Counter 4 Hire"In 2019, we want to fine-tune and document our internal processes. This will not only help us grow our team and have everybody on the same page, but it will also allow us to help our clients understand our processes so they know what to expect."

— Michael Levy, CEO & Co-Founder, Bean Counter 4 Hire

Empowering the community

Juliet Aurora, CEO, AIS Solutions"In 2019, our goal is to continue on our mission to educate and empower those around us. One action item we have set forth in Q1 2019 is the launch of our 90 day training program on that will help accounting professionals get their employees up to speed quickly on cloud best practices. I've heard so many times over the last year that it is a real struggle for them to scale because they don't have the time to invest in training. We are excited about solving that pain point for so many!"

— Juliet Aurora, CEO, AIS Solutions

Achieving growth

Octavia Conner, Chief Financial Officer, Say Yes To Profits"One actionable goal for Say Yes To Profits is to scale the firm. With online technology such as Hubdoc, QuickBooks Online, and Teamwork, we can focus on a niche market and begin servicing clients throughout the United States. By forming strategic partnerships and streamlining our systems and processes, our goal is to further promote client satisfaction and accelerate new client acquisition."

Octavia Conner, CEO, Say Yes To Profits

Promoting internal development

Tanya Hilts, CPB, President & Founder, Cloud Bookkeeping Services"In a practice as small as ours, there’s no way to follow the traditional path of ‘climbing the ladder’. In 2019, our New Year’s resolution is to focus on our team and our practice culture to allow choice based on individual interest. We will be redeveloping each person’s role to allow for personal growth and new challenges. This redefining of our roles will allow us to continue to grow our Bookkeepers Bootcamp and include an additional version of the program to help even more professionals in our industry."

Tanya Hilts, CPB, President & Founder, Cloud Bookkeeping Services

Focusing on client success

Tommy Gunawan, Co-Founder, MG & Co. CPAs Professional Corporation"We are dedicated to helping our clients succeed by mastering our craft to provide tailored accounting solutions that guide, support, and allow our clients to focus on growing their businesses. In 2019, we aim to refine our service and expand our client base by continuously improving and leveraging new technologies."

Tommy Gunawan, Co-Founder, MG & Co. CPAs Professional Corporation

Improving clients’ business insights

Cindy Hovig, Founder, Beyond Balanced Books Inc"One of our goals for 2019 at Beyond Balanced Books Inc is to help our clients answer the question, 'What story is your business trying to tell you?'. One way we plan to accomplish this is by offering simple analytics on a handful of financial KPIs to get the conversation started."

Cindy Hovig, Founder & Owner, Beyond Balanced Books Inc

With so much happening in the accounting and bookkeeping space, setting a goal or resolution can serve as a starting point from which you can focus your efforts for the entire year. Once you’ve set your goal, don’t forget to create a plan to get there – by this time next year, you’ll be able to see how far you’ve come!

Do you have a specific goal you’re working toward in 2019? Tell us on Twitter!

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