5 Steps to Creating a Compelling Business Vision

January 6, 2017 Customer Team

The true driver of an effective business plan is your vision for your firm. It guides decision-making. It influences team behavior. At its best, a great vision inspires. Your vision is the destination you’re going to journey toward. It portrays the scope of your company. But also what it would feel like to walk through the office on a particular day. It describes the experience staff and clients have. It doesn’t change with every market rumble or every business hiccup.

Here’s how great advisors create compelling visions for their practices.

How to create a compelling business vision

Defining your vision is a chance to stop and exercise your imagination. Everything is on the table. Don’t worry about the mechanics of achieving it.

Strive for something awesome

There’s no point to exercising your imagination if you don’t dream big. That doesn’t necessarily mean building the biggest company you can. You can envision a small firm. But one that is innovative in the service it provides. That is at the forefront of technology adoption. One that knocks it out of the park when it comes to creating great client experiences. A place that finds new ways to improve team members’ lives.

Make it personal

Your personal vision and values are the foundation of your business vision. Take the time to think about personal considerations. Things like, how important is family to you? How much time do you want to spend working? How would you set up your firm as a result? Also, consider your values and your clients. What types of clients would you want to work with? What types would you not want to work with?

Identify the kind of business you want to build

Consider the core questions about the future of your business. Are you at epicentre of everything that happens at the firm? Or do you have partners? How much do you delegate? How much time away from the business do you need?

Think about your market and what that means for your business structure. Are you building a virtual firm that works remotely with clients around the world? Or is your vision to remain small and personal. What niche do you work in?

Visualize your future office environment

Imagine walking through your office on a typical day five years from now. How does the place feel? Is it a quiet, heads-down type of environment? Is it friendly and warm? Loud and boisterous?

What metaphor would you come up with to describe the environment? Does it feel like a house party? A library? Mission control?

Think about how clients will feel working with you. Do they have access to support whenever they want? Do they feel like they have all of your attention? How would they describe your relationship?

Set the time frame

Creating your vision is different than goal setting. Goal setting is a one-year process. Your vision takes a longer view—as far out as you can stretch it. Ask yourself where you see your business in three years? Five years? Ten years?

Wrap up

Your vision for your business creates a destination for you to aim towards. It all starts with thinking as far into the future as you can. Harness your personal vision and values to begin creating a picture of your firm of tomorrow. Imagine the grandest vision of your practice that you can. And share it with team members and clients. It will inspire and guide the growth of your company for years to come. 

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