Set up your Hubdoc organization

As a business owner, you may have created your own organization, or your accountant or bookkeeper may have created your organization on your behalf and invited you to join Hubdoc. In both scenarios, it is helpful to know how to access your organization’s settings so you can make changes to your profile information, customize your Hubdoc email, add two-factor authentication to your organization, and connect to Hubdoc's integrations.

Access your account settings

To review your organization settings, navigate to the Profile & Security tab within your Hubdoc account.

1. Log in to Hubdoc.
From the Hubdoc dashboard, click the gear icon.

Please note: If you have multiple Hubdoc organizations, you will need to select the appropriate company from the list on your Organizations page to access that organizations’s Hubdoc dashboard.

Select Profile & Security to review your name, company name, email, currency, date format, and Hubdoc email. You can also change your Hubdoc login password and add two-factor authentication to your account.

Review profile information

Make sure your profile information is kept up to date. Review and make changes as necessary. See below for more information about each field:

  • First and last name – The name should reflect the primary account holder’s name.
  • Company – The company name should reflect the company utilizing the account for their books.
  • Email – The email address should correspond to the primary account holder. If email alerts are enabled, this address will receive email notifications.
  • Base currency – The base currency should reflect the currency that the majority of your purchases are made in.
  • Date format – The date format should reflect the format used in your country or where the majority of your purchases are made.

For detailed instructions on how to set up your Hubdoc organization, read this Xero Central article

Customize your Hubdoc email

Each Hubdoc organization has a unique, customizable email that is used to send documents into Hubdoc that ends in Before you start emailing documents into Hubdoc, change the email address assigned to your organization to one that's specific and unique to your business. To make sure that emailed documents are uploaded to the correct Hubdoc organization, we add four unique characters when you change the email address.

​1. Within the Uploading files via email section of the Profile tab, click on the Edit icon next to your Hubdoc email address.
2. Enter your preferred prefix, and click Save. As long as it hasn’t been taken, it’s free to use!
3. Select Copy to Clipboard to save the customized Hubdoc email and share with your suppliers and anyone else that will need to submit documents into Hubdoc. (You can also save this email as a contact in your email settings for quick reference!)

Moving forward, you can send documents to this email address and they will upload to your Hubdoc organization for processing. 

Set up two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) provides an extra layer of security for your Hubdoc account. Two-factor authentication is a combination of your username, password, and an authentication code sent to your mobile device. Navigate to the Profile & Security tab to add 2FA to your account and read our Xero Central article for step-by-step instructions. 

Connect to Hubdoc integrations 

Hubdoc has direct integrations with Xero and Quickbooks for payment processing, and cloud storage platforms Google DriveSmartVaultDropboxShareFile, and Box.

Connecting your Hubdoc account to the appropriate integrations allows you to sync your documents and their data to the right place in your accounting workflow.

If you are working with an accountant or bookkeeper, this process may already be completed for you! If you are managing your own account, we recommend completing this process during initial account set up to prepare for a smooth workflow when you begin working with documents. 

To add your preferred integration, follow the steps below:

1. From your Hubdoc dashboard, click the gear icon.
Click on the Destinations tab.
Click Connect next to your preferred platform to add the integration to your Hubdoc account.

Review the Helpdesk articles below to learn how to connect to Xero, QuickBooks Online,, and cloud storage platforms:

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