How to Become a Strategic Business Partner

December 19, 2018 Matt Bunston

Help your clients reach their goals by becoming a strategic business partner

Becoming a strategic business partner to your small business clients requires your accounting or bookkeeping practice to have a couple foundational items in place. First, you must embrace automation to help maintain compliance and automate administrative tasks. Second, you must be able to access their key business information in near real-time (e.g., statements, payroll information, etc.).

In this webinar, we show you how Hubdoc and Employment Hero can help your firm set the foundation for advisory and enable you to become a strategic business partner to your clients.

Watch to learn:

  • How to automate document collection and data entry to set the foundation for strategic advisory with Hubdoc
  • How to easily leverage your clients’ HR information and business insights with Employment Hero 
  • How to use automation to help your clients maintain compliance and enhance your advisory services

During the webinar, we provided a few additional resources – please find them below:

  • List of Hubdoc automated connections – Explore Hubdoc's full list of connections with suppliers, utilities, and banks.
  • Free Hubdoc account – Accounting and bookkeeping firms are eligible for a free Hubdoc partner account. Book a demo here
  • Employment Hero promotion - Get 30% off subscription rates if you contact and quote "hubhero" 

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