The 25 Best Cloud Accounting Articles of 2015

December 22, 2015 Hedy Trinz

What an awesome year for Cloud Accounting! 2015 has truly been exceptional with millions across North America moving to the Cloud. With it, there have been a number of fantastic articles on the topic.

We’ve picked our favorites for this year’s ‘Best of’ post. Get excited for insights and predictions about the Cloud, news from our ridiculously good-looking partners, how-to sell your team on moving to the Cloud, and a focus on the individuals who will shape the future of accounting.

Key Insights and Predictions from 2015


Why Law and Accounting Firms Struggle to Innovate

Building for the future is hard when software is evolving so rapidly. It’s even harder when your firm’s business model incentivizes short term thinking.


Value Pricing: Is Your Firm Ready?

Value pricing is a hot topic in the accounting industry. Making the change from billable to fixed pricing is not simple. Our friend and Hubdoc customer, Jody Padar, lays out a consumable framework for considering a shift to your business model.


Accounting Firm Tech Systems Are Weak

Accountants sticking to old fashioned software and servers are risking their practice. Even worse, they’re risking their client’s information. This article takes a look at the toll of resisting tech innovation – an eye-opener!


Why Mobile Accounting is the Future

Accounting has moved beyond the desktop, into the cloud and onto your smartphone. With 6.1 billion smartphones projected for 2020, mobile accounting is only just getting started. In this article, we examine the reasons behind this movement.


What Accountants Can Expect in 2016

Moving to the Cloud has changed from an “If” to a “When”. Now, it’s time to think about the trends that will shape this generational shift. This article discusses everything from automation to value-pricing. It will get you thinking about the year to come.


5 Trends That Will Change Accounting Forever

Cloud technology is hailing in an era of automation. With it, comes a number of trends advisors should be paying attention to in 2016 and beyond.


Exciting News from the Exceptionally Good-looking Cloud Ecosystem

QuickBooks Online Launches E-Commerce Integrations with Bigcommerce and Shopify

These partnerships provide a more seamless accounting experience for business owners. Sales data is automatically reconciled and aggregated into their accounting platform. This frees them to up to focus on what they do best – running their business!


Xero + Apple = Small Business Transformation

This is yet another milestone in Xero’s goal to help small businesses work from anywhere. This goes double if that small business owner is using an iOS device. Raises $50 Million for Cloud Invoicing

With Silicon Valley Bank and existing backers, built up their warchest with this latest round of funding. Investors were particularly impressed with how Rene and team have created ‘a very simple and scalable solution to a common challenge for businesses’.


TSheets Accelerates Growth with Investment from Summit Partners

TSheets raised this strategic round to scale more rapidly. This will help them to meet increasing demand for their product in international markets. Congrats guys!


TechnologyOne Founder Adrian Di Marco Invests in SaaS Start-Up Practice Ignition

He was attracted to the opportunity because “[Practice Ignition] is a company with huge potential, and an example of Australian innovation at its best.” The team will use the funding to expand its offices in Australia, NZ, the UK, Canada and the US.


Accounting Automation Bliss: Hubdoc +

Peanut butter and Chocolate are a perfect combination, just like and Hubdoc, as Judie McCarthy articulates particularly well in this article. End-to-end payables automation is within reach if you’re leveraging this awesome integration.


Making the Case for the Cloud

Enterprise Financials in the Cloud? Why the Fog of Skepticism May Be Lifting

People are coming to realize that spreadsheets and emailed documents are a bigger security risk than the cloud.


The CFOs Case for Moving to a Cloud-Based Accounting System

A great article from the trenches on the core challenges of a desktop system. Read first-hand benefits this CFO has experienced leveraging the cloud in his business.


5 Myths Your Clients Must Overcome When Moving to the Cloud

Of those surveyed, 51% of Americans believe stormy weather interferes with cloud computing. It doesn’t! This article challenges myths like that one with the cold, hard facts of cloud computing.


6 Simple Ways to Educate Clients on the Cloud

We all want to coach hesitant clients on the benefits of the cloud. Leverage one of these six, highly practical methods for approaching the conversation.


The 5 Stages of Cloud Adoption Grief

Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Your clients might not find the move easy, but you can use this advice to help them through the process. Read this article for actionable tips!



How to Justify Moving to the Cloud to Your Boss

Before moving your clients to the cloud, your firm has to adopt it & maybe you’re the one who wants to pitch that idea. Learn the key points that will help you do just that.


7 Ways the Cloud Can Help Your Business Save Money

This infographic gives a detailed look at the real costs of not adopting the cloud. It’s stunning how much businesses spend filing and manually searching through paperwork. This includes the cost of accounting inaccuracies & security breaches in a paper-based world.


Individuals Shaping the Future of Accounting

Top 100 Most Influential People Shaping the Accounting Profession

An exciting list to be part of! Accounting Today curates their list of veterans, newbies, leaders, and outstanding individuals. These are people who have made an impact. Congrats to everyone on the list! These are people in our industry who lead, teach and inspire, and stand out from the crowd.


Intuit Announces Firm of the Future Winner, Releases Survey Results Showing Growing Cloud Adoption

Intuit chose their top three finalists in the Firm of the Future contest, with Two Roads receiving first place honors! They also revealed the findings of their survey, highlighting that advisors are seeing a positive impact from cloud adoption and better client relationships as a result of value billing.


Here’s Where 3 of the Most Influential People in Accounting Think the Industry is Going Next

A few Xero team members were ranked amongst Accounting Today’s list. The trio share their thoughts on the future of accounting and the trends driving it.


Top 20 Cloud Accounting Insights From Intuit’s Firms of the Future

Named to Intuit’s Top 20 Firms of the Future, we reached out to these cloud accounting leaders. What resulted was a super informative & popular post that has advice useful for anyone considering a move to the cloud.


The Sleeter Group Announces The 2016 Awesome App Winners

Congratulations to all the winners! We were honored to be included. The winners were announced at SleeterCon 2015 and it’s telling that most were cloud-based platforms!


Actionable Advice for 2016

10 Ways to Go “Beyond Accounting” as You Prepare for 2016

To modernize your practice, the key is working smarter, not harder. That means offering clients more value for their money – and not just more of your overburdened time. This article has 10 actionable ways for you to do just that!



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