Learn from the Pros: How to Get the Most out of XeroCon Melbourne

August 31, 2017 Dylan Burgess


XeroCon Melbourne 2017 is right around the corner! September 13-14 to be exact. If you’re like us, you’re starting to get excited! And why not? The conference offers world class keynote speakers, informative breakout sessions, networking events, and so much more. Not to mention, Hubdoc will be in attendance :).

To help you get the most out of the event, we asked cloud accounting leaders from XeroCons past to share their insights.

How do you prioritize which breakout sessions to attend?


Guy Pearson, Founder & CEO, Practice Ignition

Review the sessions and what's on offer, line that up with the problems you’re trying to solve at your firm, and then rank in order of what’s most important. As a side note, I typically focus on those who've practiced what they preach in their own business.

Steph Hinds, Founder, Growthwise

Do you have a certain topic or theme that you need to learn more about? If so, pick sessions that align with those themes. Do you have a favourite speaker that always gives you great takeaways? Things that you can implement in your business? If so, make sure not to miss them.

Chris Hooper, CEO, Accodex

We would go as a group and divide and conquer. Otherwise, I would focus on the ones where I would want to network with attendees/speakers, or if there was technical knowledge I was looking to gain.

Gillian Rossouw, Founder, Jill Of All Trades

Xero provides all delegates with a XeroCon App. I use the app to decide which sessions I feel will help my business grow, and listen to insights from the professionals whether bookkeepers, accountants or inspirational speakers.


How do you leverage XeroCon to encourage firm growth?

Steph Hinds, FounderGrowthwise

XeroCon for us is now all about the ecosystem partners. It's a great time to talk to everyone in the same place about what's next for product or suggestions we have, problems we see or great opportunities. We can then work on a plan of attack for rolling out solutions to our existing clients, helping those already using solutions more or implementing for new clients.

Gillian Rossouw, FounderJill Of All Trades

It’s the amazing Add Ons I follow religiously. I spend as much time as possible talking to all the Add On partners with whom I work closely with. Having said that there are always new offerings and amazing new partners coming into the Xero Ecosystem who are only too willing to demonstrate their product.

Clayton Oates, Chief Solutions Officer, QA Business Pty Ltd

Determine what questions you would like to ask other attendees that you meet at the event (remember you are there to learn not to tell), gain leverage by discovering best practice techniques that other firms have implemented when scoping and implementing technology solutions within the firm.


What steps can I take to get the most out of networking events?

Chris Hooper, CEOAccodex

Try not to drink too much! Also do some networking training online before you go to the event.

Steph Hinds, FounderGrowthwise

This really is the #1 networking tip I can give: do your homework, know who you want to speak to and make sure you keep the connections going after the event. With XeroCon there are a lot of other events as well so make sure you plan your time wisely!

Clayton Oates, Chief Solutions OfficerQA Business Pty Ltd

Have fun and be prepared to get involved, enjoy the connection with other like minded professionals at the networking events (and if you can – be sure you get to the TSheets / Practice Ignition / Expensify #Precon Drinks party).


What sets XeroCon apart from other accounting focused conferences?

Guy Pearson, Founder & CEOPractice Ignition

In all honesty, I think it's the speakers that come from practices (bleeding edge) and the # of quality and relevant apps who are keen to help you solve your/your clients’ business problems.

Steph Hinds, FounderGrowthwise

The ecosystem partners are all in the one space which is great. In the past for me it's also been the people, the other accountants and bookkeepers we spend time with. Those moments and learning from peers is brilliant.

Gillian Rossouw, FounderJill Of All Trades

The wonderful people at XeroCon are like our extended family. At XeroCon Sydney a couple years back there was a slogan on stage, “hire the people you like to drink with”.  Senior management and staff are always approachable for chats and keen to make introductions.


What is your most memorable XeroCon experience?

Steph Hinds, FounderGrowthwise

The 1st and 2nd XeroCon in Australia was such an amazing experience. The fact we spent so much time with our peers discussing how we are each solving problems, what we were concentrating on and opportunities we were seeing.

Gillian Rossouw, FounderJill Of All Trades

There are so many memorable experiences since I first started attending XeroCons in Australia, New Zealand and the United States. I have made wonderful lasting friendships since the first XeroCon in NZ, which was held in Hawkes Bay. This was when I realised Xero is the company I want to be aligned with in order to grow my business.

Clayton Oates, Chief Solutions OfficerQA Business Pty Ltd

Seeing Rod Drury skate (literally) through the crowd on his skateboard at the 2015 XeroCon (Sydney Olympic Park), pausing now and then to say "G’day" to attendees.

When packing, what are your top 3 items?

Almost all of our veterans mentioned comfortable shoes, phone chargers and Berocca/Panadol (the essentials). Clearly, these are must haves, but here are some other key items: 

Steph Hinds, FounderGrowthwise

Extra room in your suitcase for all the things you end up taking back home from the ecosystem partners!

Clayton Oates, Chief Solutions OfficerQA Business Pty Ltd

My Curiosity (what’s next), how things work, who’s behind the vendors – what’s their unique backstory and how are they working with accountants and bookkeepers to solve the challenges of business. A smile and my name remembering skills.

Wrap Up!

Thank you to all the wonderful cloud accounting pros that contributed to this post. We hope that their insights will help you get the most out of XeroCon. Enjoy the spectacle that will be XeroCon Melbourne 2017 and be sure to stop by the Hubdoc booth to say hello.

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