How to Make the Most of Scaling New Heights (or Any Conference!)

May 17, 2016 Jamie Shulman

Scaling New Heights 2016 is built around helping small business advisors build Epic Practices. Conference sessions cover everything from practice and professional development, to in-depth technology training. All of them are aimed at helping advisors transform the way small businesses operate.

Clearly a lot going on. So, to get the most value out of the conference it pays to take a strategic approach. Here’s three great ways to make Scaling New Heights work for you. 

Use the 'three I’s' to get the most out of the conference

Great practitioners understand the power of investing in themselves. They follow Darren Hardy’s, “Compound Effect” rule. They spend 3% of their personal income on their professional development. Continuous learning enables them to offer solutions that others can’t. And it returns an average of 3x your investment.

A concept known as the 'Three I's' is a great tool for maximizing your investment in yourself. Here's how each of the I's can help you get the most of out of your conference. 

1.      Information

Scaling New Heights sessions are rich in the information you need to make your practice epic. Getting the most out of that content requires developing an information strategy. Consider your vision for your practice. What are your goals for the coming year? What strategies will you put in place to hit them? What information do you need to make those strategies work? 

Come up with a short list of information needs before you begin signing up for sessions. Use that list as a guide to choose from great sessions like:

·         Improve your speaking and presenting skills

·         Develop expertise in your niche

·         Become a business advisor to your clients 

2.      Introductions

Scaling New Heights is a great opportunity to network. There will be over 1,000 ProAdvisors in attendance. Not to mention the hundreds of Intuit staff and industry experts. But it’s not just about adding more names to your contact list. It’s about adding the right ones and building profitable relationships.

The key is to take a strategic approach to meeting people who can help you the most. Who has expertise or a network that would help you reach your practice goals? And most importantly, who can you help? Which advisors would it make sense for you to partner with or refer to? 

Look within your current network for people who might be able to introduce you to the people you want to meet. Make sure to check out some of the social events running during the conference. But also check out great marketing-related sessions like:

·     Online marketing boot camp

·     Build online communities with social media, online publishing, videos, and real        world stories

3.      Innovation

Building an epic practice means finding new ways to solve problems in your industry. So take a strategic approach to unearthing the tech innovations that will help you do that. What needs does your business have that innovation could address? What can be automated? What would take the friction out of the customer experience? What would help you deliver more value?

Let those issues guide you in choosing from the many great sessions at Scaling New Heights like:

·     Improve workflow don’t just digitize it

·     Leverage cloud solutions to drive business growth

·     5 transformative technologies to jumpstart your business

Wrap up

Use the ‘Three I’s’ to get the most out of the Scaling New Heights or any conference. Gather the information you need in a strategic way. Obtain introductions to strategically expand your network. Seek out new innovations. Get organized and understand your needs before you attend. The payoff will be a great foundation for building your Epic Practice.


Attending Scaling New Heights 2016? Read on:

If you're new to Hubdoc and want to learn more in a 1-1 setting, schedule a time with our team at SNH.

If you're a Hubdoc customer and want to go over best practices, book time with our SNH Customer Success team.

Most of all, we'll be there to help you make the most of SNH 2016!

About the Author

Jamie Shulman

Jamie is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Hubdoc. Prior to Hubdoc, Jamie was the co-founder of Sparkroom, a marketing analytics and lead generation platform for higher education. Previous to that, he was a practicing attorney at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati in Palo Alto and Torys LLP in Toronto. He is a graduate of the JD-MBA program at the University of Toronto and has a degree in International Relations from Brown University.

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