Defining Our Values: Hubdoc's Leadership Principles

April 29, 2016 Jamie McDonald

On April 1st, one of our teammates, Bridget Power, left Hubdoc to pursue a Master’s degree. Our team and customers are disappointed we no longer get to spend our working days with Bridget but we are excited to watch our friend as she pursues her dreams. Her departure has inspired us to write down the values that she lived every day at Hubdoc. Why? So we can continue to build them into our culture and behaviour each day. Thanks for inspiring us Bridget!

These leadership principles will not just sit on a wall or this web page. They will work hard, just like we do. Hubdockers will use them every day, when we are deciding on the best solution to a customer problem, brainstorming new ideas or hiring new people. Put simply, what would Bridget do?

Perhaps, the most pithy and complete representation of her general awesomeness is this quote: “If aliens were landing on our planet, I would want to send Bridget as a representative for humanity because she represents the best of us.” While that sums it up nicely, we thought we would provide some concrete examples of her greatness, as well as share them as leadership principles. Read on.

Hubdoc Leadership Principles

Deep respect and care for customers and teammates.

“She genuinely cares about helping customers. Like, genuinely genuinely. Her tone of voice, facial expressions and general demeanour when she is on with a customer are really warm, friendly and caring. She is as earnest and empathetic as if she were helping a close family member with a problem.”


Their are lots of words for this but we like commitment the best. At Hubdoc, it means hard-working, dedicated, responsive and tenacious. Bridget represents commitment to her customers, to her team and to the company. She never gives up and always goes the extra mile in everything she does. “No matter what the problem, big or small, she responds and reacts immediately to it.” On her last day at the office, Bridget was the last to leave. On the Monday after she left, she was still working to transition customer issues to other teammates.

Driven by excellence and results.

“Bridget sets challenging but achievable goals and expectations, and made sure we hit those goals.” At Hubdoc, we deliver results. We get better each and every day. We try things, we measure things. We never settle.

Always learn and be curious.

Whether it was learning a new technology and trying to find a new solution to a customer problem, Bridget was always ready to find a new way to solve a problem to drive value for our customers and the business. At Hubdoc, we are never done learning.

Integrity, honesty and transparency (aka the Bridget Sandwich).

“I love how Bridget is excellent at being upfront with our customers about potentially bad news while making customers feel respected and appreciated. The Bridget sandwich ("Sorry! [Bad news] Sorry!") is so effective and well received. Her way of being transparent and making customers feel respected no matter the situation, is awesome.”


“Bridget is the most kind person I have ever met. Watching her deal with customers these last 10 months has been nothing short of inspiring….take a deep breath, be understanding of their pain, try to solve the issue, and never lose your cool. This is the foundation of Hubdoc Customer Support.” This is also the foundation of how we treat everyone: our customers, our partners and our teammates.

Dive deep.

Bridget gets the details. She is capable of operating at all levels. No task is beneath her. Whether she is getting back to a customer or helping a teammate solve an important issue, she deeply understands what she is working on and follows the issue all the way until it is resolved. She never cuts corners or takes the easy way out.

Bias for action. 

Speed matters in business. Bridget gets stuff done. She is hyper-focused on delivering amazing experiences to customers and is always trying new things to deliver those experiences. 

Act like an owner.

Bridget is always thinking and acting on behalf of the entire company, not just on behalf of herself or her team. She would never say, “that’s not my job.” One of things we do at Hubdoc is fix things when they are broken. We always leave a place, a customer situation or a product issue better than we found it.

Thanks for the inspiration Bridget. We are working to live these values each and every day. We are excited to see what’s next for you.

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