Bookkeeping Made Easier: Introducing Hubdoc’s Integration with Xero HQ

Hubdoc Integrates with Xero HQ

Today, at Xerocon Melbourne 2017, Rod Drury (Xero’s Chief Executive Officer), announced Xero HQ's new app integrations. We’re excited to be among the first wave of Xero HQ strategic app partners! This release introduces new workflow efficiencies, and bridges the gap between the solutions accounting and bookkeeping firms use every day. But before we dive into the new feature and its functionality, I’d like to provide some context as to why we decided to build what we did, and why we think it can add value to your firm.

The “Why” Behind Our Integration with Xero HQ

We’re proud of how far we’ve come in the automation of bookkeeping tasks like document collection and data entry, helping accountants and bookkeepers save time, scale their practice, and build deeper relationships with the small businesses they serve. With that said, our customers tell us that there are still elements of the workflow that can be optimized, or even automated. This is where our integration with Xero HQ comes in.

If you're not already familiar, Hubdoc auto-fetches bank statements, bills and receipts, from over 700 financial institutions, utilities, telecom providers and online vendors; extracts the key data; and seamlessly syncs source documents to Xero for one-click reconciliation and audit-proofing.


Although the front-end of the workflow (getting documents into Hubdoc) is automated, the back-end (publishing documents to Xero and other platforms) still requires some level of human interaction. For one, other than email notifications and auto-sync of recurring bills, it's hard to know when a document has been fetched, processed (data extracted), and is ready to be published. That means, to ensure client books are kept up-to-date (documents published to Xero and reconciled), you have to regularly log in and out of Hubdoc to see if documents are available for publishing. We strongly felt that an integration with Xero HQ could help optimize that stage of the workflow, and our customers agreed.

Our Integration with Xero HQ

Xero HQ is a centralized hub to manage all your clients and their activities. It includes features like Activity Feed, Client List, Explorer, Report templates, and more. With Xero HQ, teams can prioritize their work and gain valuable client insights to build stronger relationships. Connecting to the Xero HQ Activity Feed to optimize the back-end of our workflow just made sense.

With this integration, Hubdoc sends notifications to the Xero HQ Activity Feed when documents have been fetched, processed and are ready to be published. Notifications are fully customizable and can be set up to fit the needs of your clients. So if you’re working with small businesses that need up-to-date financials every week/month, the Xero HQ Activity Feed will help your team stay on top of it. With Hubdoc and Xero HQ, keeping client books up-to-date has never been so easy.

Hubdoc Practice Rules Set a notification rule for all your clients


Hubdoc Client Rules Set a notification rule for individual clients


Xero HQ Activity Feed
XeroHQ and Hubdoc


We’re excited to bring you this release, and we hope that your firm can unlock the efficiency gains that come with it. If you’re at Xerocon Melbourne 2017, come by booth 46 to see the integration in action.

To learn more about Xero HQ, click here.
To learn more about Hubdoc and Xero, click here.
To learn how to connect your Hubdoc account to Xero HQ, click here.

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