The Hubdoc ScanSnap Workflow: Setting Up Fujitsu ScanSnap for Streamlined, Paperless Bookkeeping

August 22, 2019

Paperless bookkeeping can be challenging when working with small businesses who still rely heavily on paper. Fortunately, there’s a solution – by integrating Hubdoc with Fujitsu ScanSnap Cloud, advisors can provide their clients with the tools they need to easily collect and manage paper statements, bills, and receipts.

In this session, we demonstrate how to set up your Fujitsu ScanSnap with the latest versions of their technology, answer frequently asked questions, and help you create the most efficient paperless bookkeeping workflow with Hubdoc and ScanSnap.

Watch to learn:

  • How to set up Fujitsu ScanSnap with Hubdoc and troubleshoot common issues
  • How to scan paper documents directly into Hubdoc, extract the key data, and publish to Xero
  • How to code and publish documents to Xero for one-click reconciliation

Have a question about Hubdoc and Fujitsu ScanSnap? Contact our Support Team! 

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