Choosing Your First Clients to Add to Hubdoc

Add Clients to Hubdoc

Note: Before you add multiple clients to Hubdoc, we recommend trying it out at your own firm to gain firsthand experience of what your clients need to know when getting started on Hubdoc. Once you've tested Hubdoc at your own firm and in your own workflow, you'll be ready to start bringing on your clients... but which clients should you start with?

Even if you hope to add all of your clients to Hubdoc (and make it part of your firm’s standardized technology stack), if you have a large volume of clients, we recommend rolling out Hubdoc in cohorts.

You might already have a few clients in mind; however, here are some criteria to consider when selecting your first few clients to add to Hubdoc.

Consider clients who:

  • Are always delayed or behind when sending monthly bank statements, bills, and receipts
  • Use banks for which Hubdoc supports automated connections
  • Have a high volume of recurring bills (especially from online suppliers)
  • Have already shared their bank/supplier login credentials with you (the advisor)
  • Mail, email, or drop-off their documents to you in a shoebox
  • Have proven to be excellent collaborators (i.e., you have a great relationship)
  • Are open to process changes and/or learning new technology
  • Are already using cloud accounting software, such as Xero or QuickBooks Online
  • Are struggling to centralize their documents (i.e., documentation is scattered across different storage platforms)

We recommend starting with a cohort that consists of no more than five (5) different clients. Note: Adding five or more clients to Hubdoc will make you eligible for our wholesale pricing. Learn more by following the links below.

Client Communication – Hubdoc Onboarding Email Templates
Use these templates as a starting point for communicating with your clients during the Hubdoc onboarding process. Includes suggested copy for introducing Hubdoc, preparing for the client’s Hubdoc onboarding session, and onboarding follow up.
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